CMS for Library Websites

Centralized Content Management System for Library Websites

The project is aimed at the development of a complete solution for centraly administered content management system for libraries, based on open source components.


Most Croatian libraries are using different, usually proprietary and commercial CMSs, while some don’t have any website. Proprietary CMSs are expensive and make the user entirely dependent on the manufacturer, who is exclusively authorized to provide support and modify or upgrade the system. Thanks to the Centralized CMS for Library Websites, every Croatian library will get the opportunity to own a website that will be extensible through already existing and custom-made plugins. That way, the system will become more than CMS for simple websites: flexible platform for web services.


The results of a thorough analysis of all the possibilities and the testing of several open source CMSs indicated WordPress Multisite as the most suitable CMS due to its simplicity of use and extensibility. Moreover, there is a great number of additional readymade WordPress plug-ins, which significantly broaden the possibilities. Among these are the plug-ins of special interest for libraries, e.g. the Dublin Core Metadata.

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