Center for Open Source

During the last few years, libraries in Croatia have been increasingly using open source software but, due to insufficient knowledge, it frequently happens that they use it inadequately. At the same time, some libraries, especially smaller ones, owing to widespread prejudices, often hesitate to use open source software at all.

Under such circumstances, the Center for Open Source was established at the National and University Library in Zagreb in August 2011. The main purpose behind this initiative was to build information, advisory and coordination center which would make open source software available to libraries, users and all other interest groups or interested individuals, and provide all the information in this field.

Current activities of the Center include:

  • advising libraries about open source software
  • communicating and cooperating with the open source community
  • testing applications especially useful for library activities
  • providing support to the libraries using open source software
  • building and continuously updating the Open Source Directory, which provides all the relevant information about open source applications in one place and offers the possibility of downloading particular application and its source code
  • maintaining a website dedicated to providing news from the world of open source to libraries and general public
  • designing and implementing information systems based on open source applications
  • developing open source utilities and applications that may be of use to libraries
  • research of non-technical aspects of open source, its use by libraries and public sector in general, and its impact on society

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